Leopard Seal

By Sarah Zappala

Fact File

Latin NameHydrurga leptonyx

Conservation StatusNone

Location Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Waters


Length2.5 - 3.2 m (8.25 - 10 ft)

Weight200 - 455 Kgs (440 - 1,000 lbs)

Life Expectancy

26 Yrs


Leopard seals are carnivours (meat eaters) and eat almost anything, but they mainly eat penguins,fish,squid,crustances and other seals! When leopard seals eat other seasl they eat the pups (baby seal.) One leopard seal found at a beach in sydney was found to have eaten a platypus.


The Leopard Seal is considered to be the most aggressive of all the seal species out there. They only live in small groups which is also quite different from other species of seals. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see them alone or only with one or two companions.


The main predator of Leopard Seals are Killer Whales


Leopard Seals are found in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters. They are solitary, only coming together in small groups to breed.


When it is time to reproduce, the Leopard Seals will come together in larger groups. The females will carry a pup for eleven months and then deliver it in a hole they have dug in the ice. It can take several months during the pregnancy for her to complete this digging process in preparation for the offspring.The females do take very good care of their young pups until they are able to care for themselves.

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