Friday Flash

Friday, August 22


Inspiration of the Week

Don’t look further for answers: be the solution.

You were born with everything you need to know.

Make a promise to stop getting in the way of the blessing that you are.

Take a deep breath, remember to have fun, and begin.

Jonathan H. Ellerby

Kudos to Kaiser!

Over 50 Kaiser volunteers painted, cleaned, raked, weeded, moved furniture, on Thursday. Shimika Brame, Kaiser Employee & Glenview Parent Extraordinaire coordinated this effort and Kate Rix, PTA president worked with parents to get wheel barrows, shovels, wood chips, etc. Also thanks to Terri Salvatore who helped to collect everyone's request and communicated them to Shimika and Kate. Please let me know if your class is able to make cards or letters that we can give to the Kaiser employees.

Minds: Teaching & Learning

Math Sample Unit 1

Please try to start dabbling with math sample unit by September 3. Bring your math sample units from training to our staff meeting on September 4th so that Andy can help us roll this out.


NO All school morning meeting on Monday

Let's get those kids into class so you can start building your communities. We will have our first Morning Meeting on Friday. Please take time this week to teach and practice with your kids the quiet coyote sign. I am working with PTA to support parents in learning our quiet signs and moving to the lower yard if they need to socialize.

Class Sizes

Please be patient with your class numbers. I know that we are high in some classes. We will see how things settle in the first few days.

Hard Copy Attendance on Monday

ABI will begin on Tuesday.

No Breakfast at Glenview this Year

Food services has closed the traditional breakfast program due to low participation. If needed they can provide bagged breakfasts that would be distributed by office staff. If you are interested, please let me know.

Technology Needs

We are getting some additional technology from the district office. Once we have those units on site, I will be able to determine . Thanks for your patience. I'll keep you posted.

Welcome to our New Attendance Clerk: Ms. Yolanda Brown

Ms. Brown is returning to Glenview! We are excited to have her on board every afternoon to do our attendance.

Looking Ahead in September: Staff Meetings and Professional Development

August 28- First Week of School, No Meeting

September 4- Andy Schipper will join us.

September 9- Staff Meeting: PLC Set up

I checked the OEA Contract and consulted with HR. The contract actually allows you to meet for up to an hour and 15 min on Mondays. We can start as soon as 10 min. after the end of the school day. Please plan for Monday meetings from 3-4 on the second Monday of the month.