Muhammad Ali

my book report

Muhammad Ali

Hi,my name is Muhammad Ali.Five important events in my life includes I won the light-heavy weight golden gloves title in 1959-1960.I began to develope a worldwide following after winning a gold medal for boxing in 1960 at the Olympics game in Rome. I took a major step toward winning the heavy-weight title for the first and second time.I defeated Leon Spinks with an impressive demonstration of boxing skills of september 15,1978 capturing the world heavy weight title for the third time. Then me and Veronica had a baby girl.

I have a book written after me because i'm the first African American to win three heavy weights in a row.

You can learn from me and from this book that if you start out as a nobody and you believe in yourself and love what you do you may become famous or popular one day.

A quote from this book is '' when i climb into the ring all I think about is God and the people in the ghetto in every city of the United States.''

I liked this book because it taught me a lot about believing in yourself and it does not matter what color you are to do anything.