Witch and Wizard By James Patterson

Two teenagers, the evil N.O, and 2 incredible powers.

Beginning, Middle, and End:

In the beginning, Wisty and Whit are kidnapped by the N.O because they are being accused of being a Witch and a Wizard. When Wisty starts glowing she finds out that she does have incredible powers.

In the middle, Wisty and Whit are taken to a prison full of guards. In the prison, they have to risk their life just to get food. Wisty and Whit see the ghost of Celia. Celia helps them go through a portal and escape the prison.

In the end, Wisty are Whit are wanted to be executed in pubicby the N.O. They meet friends in Freeland and are safe for now, but maybe not for long.

Meet the Characters:

🔥You will want to read all of the books🔥


N.O setting: The N.O setting is a bad place, gray, old, and a place of horror and bad treatment.

Prison: The prison setting is gray, old, horrifying, and full of guards.

Shadowland: The Shadowland setting is foggy, misty, and full of half-lights and Lost Ones.

Freeland: The Freeland setting is free and full of citizens that escaped the N.O and Shadowland.

🔥Witch and Wizard will make you want to read it over and over again!🔥

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