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Newsletter from Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten

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Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day morning (Tuesday) will be filled with mischief and fun for the kindergarteners. A leprechaun may have visited us overnight and have left us more than a few surprises. The fun begins when our classroom door opens at 7:55 am! Don’t be late and have your kindergartener miss the revealing of a just slightly different looking classroom ;-) Remember, wear green on Tuesday to avoid the pinch of a leprechaun!!!

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Field Trip on Friday

Don't forget... our field trip to the Alliance Theatre to see James and the Giant Peach is this Friday! Your child should be dressed in their RED uniform shirt and uniform pants. We will provide a snack and juice for your child at the theatre, and we will eat lunch when we return. If you usually order a WT Cafe lunch for your child, you can order one as usual for this field trip day since we will be eating at school. It is very important that your student is ON TIME on Friday morning. We will be using the restroom and loading the buses first thing in the morning in order to make sure we have enough time to get through Atlanta traffic.

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Send Water Bottles, Please!

Please make sure you send your child to school each day with a water bottle. When we're in the middle of a lesson and someone gets thirsty, it only takes a few seconds to go take a sip from a water bottle. The nearest water fountain to our classroom is by the Art Room. When someone has to travel there for water, it takes a large chunk of their instructional time away. Please send a water bottle EVERY DAY!

Dr. Seuss Day

What a great celebration and good times were had by all. I'm sure you read all of my e-mails and enjoyed the piece written for the main school newsletter. Now, enjoy a few more pictures...

Change of Clothes Reminder

Thanks for remembering a change of clothes for your Kindergartener. Don't forget to update the clothes now that the weather is getting a little warmer!

Kai (and a few new pets) have come to class!

Kai (our hermit crab) has been camping out at my house during the cold winter months. He is back in class and the kids are thrilled. Daniel is back to constantly monitoring the hygrometer to ensure the humidity level is appropriate and Hunter has returned to consistently monitoring the thermometer gauge to make sure Kai never gets too warm.

We also have a few new aquatic friends. Pongo and Perdita (the Dalmation Molly fish) and Prince Hupert (the White Mystery Snail) have joined the fish tank.

Please enjoy the video below in celebration of our unique friend, the hermit crab.


Accelerated Reader Goals Increased!

This month.. our goal is becoming a bit more challenging. In March, your child must take and score an 85% or more on SIX AR books in order to reach their goal. I am so proud of how well our students are doing with their Reading... keep up the great work! Also, don't forget to be filling up your Reading Log!

Robotics Team Dress Down Day for Sale

Our middle school Robotics team, The Circuit Breakers have been invited to attend the National Competition in California! The team is fundraising for this trip. You can purchase a dress down day for your child on Friday, March 27th for $2.00 and you can also pay $2.00 if they would like to wear a hat. You can bring me this money any time between now and the 27th if you would like to purchase this dress down or hat day for your student!

Kindergarten Curriculum Corner

Reading/ELA: This week in Reading we will focus on characters and read the story One Little Mouse. We will also work on consonant blends. Students will practice rhyming words with a variety of small group and partner activities.

Math: This week we will continue working on the skills in Chapter 11-14. We will spend the week practicing these different skills with some fun group work and small groups, and we will take our Ch. 11-14 Assessment next week.

Social Studies: In Social Studies, we are continuing learning about American Folk heroes for the next week. Your students will hear stories and do activities to learn more about: Johnny Appleseed, Betsy Ross, Paul Bunyan, and John Henry. Your students will also be learning about family history.

Science: In Science this week we will be starting Chapter 8: Motion. This will be such a fun chapter! Our introductory activities this week will help your students get excited about the information they will be learning during this chapter.

Save the Date:

Tuesday, March 17: Wear Green for the St. Patty's Day Celebration

Friday, March 20: James and the Giant Peach - Alliance Theatre Field Trip Grades K-5

April 6-11: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

April 22-28: ITBS Testing Days

May 4-15: Spring MAP Testing Days

May 19: Last Blast Carnival

May 21: Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten Graduation at 6:00pm

May 22: Last Day of School