Note from the Principal

Tuesday, August 18th

Noteworthy Dates

Tuesday, August 18 · Office open 9am-2pm (Monday-Friday) for "curbside service" - please call 503-673-7300 "0" for assistance

Tuesday, August 25 · Yearbook distribution 4-6pm in front of school

Tuesday, September 8 First Day of School

What is the best way to receive information from Boones?

The listserv is our primary mode of communication along with our website. To sign up, please visit this link.

What changes have been made to the school calendar?

Given the fluid nature of the circumstances that surround us, there have been some school calendar changes made for the 2020-2021 school year. Hopefully you have seen Dr. Kathy Ludwig’s update to the community regarding these changes. Here is a copy of the updated calendar if you do not already have it. There are a number of changes that were made, including shifting the first day of school to Tuesday, September 8. You can follow this link here to read Dr. Ludwig’s full message about calendar changes in the School District News section of our district homepage.

What changes have been made to our Boones Staff?

As students from across the district enrolled in the WLWV K-12 Online Program, we have had teachers from each school move into that program as well. The classroom teachers moving to that program from Boones Ferry include Karen Piuggi, Judy Rodrigues, Rochelle Gutierrrez, Mary Renne, Sarah Long, Julie Zuercher, Katie Flaker and Andrew Webster. We will miss these outstanding educators in the coming year and wish them our best in this new endeavor.

We are currently hiring for temporary ELD and Counselor positions and we are expecting two internal transfers to Boones Ferry this week that will decrease cohort sizes. These announcements will be forthcoming in my next communication.

Have my neighbors registered for school?

Please be sure any new neighbors have reached out to us to enroll their children in school. Our school office is open for curbside service and completed registration packets can be dropped off at the school between 9:00 and 2:00 on weekdays. The doors will be locked, so be sure to call so we can come collect your items.

If your child's plans for this year have changed, please reach out to us via email or phone and let us know. We already know about any students who have selected the WLWV K12-online program so no additional check in is needed for those students. Having accurate enrollment information for each student helps us plan for balanced classrooms.

How Long will Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) Last?

Comprehensive Distance Learning is scheduled through the end of the first quarter; November 5th. Schools in the State of Oregon cannot reopen until meeting health metrics outlined by the Oregon Health Authority. Once Clackamas County and the State of Oregon meet those health metrics, the district will look to return to in-person learning through the hybrid model. There is a district webpage dedicated to providing families with information about reopening schools in this unique time. Please visit this other FAQ page that provides other valuable answers to your important questions.

How Do I Prepare My Child for Comprehensive Distance Learning?

Talk to your child about the importance of having a designated learning space at home for distance learning. Select a space that can be consistent throughout the school year. Work together to set the learning space up. Select a surface for students to work on - a small table/desk and chair will do. Work with your child to gather their favorite writing tools - pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons and markers. Designate a central place to store these writing tools - a pouch, a ziplock baggie, a box that your child decorates! Consider having your child create artwork they can display around their learning space. Have fun setting this up as a family!

Will I Be Able to Check Out a Chromebook for My Child?

Yes. Like the spring, the district will provide Chromebooks for students who request one. Most students still have theirs at home from last spring and will continue to use the same one for the fall. If any student does not have a device at home, the district will provide one. More information about when and how families can pick up a Chromebook will be provided in the coming days.The dates will be communicated through the district listserv and I will share via the Boones Ferry listserv as soon as this information is available.

What School Supplies Do I Need to Purchase?

Many of the items students will need you most likely already have at home such as ear phones, a spiral notebook, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, markers, and crayons. Set aside some time to gather these materials with your child and organize them so they are easily accessible during a comprehensive distance learning day. We also have school supplies available at school. Please let us know if you need anything!

For CDL, we are developing student toolkits that will include materials needed at home including number cards, math workbooks, unifix cubes, books, and other resources. We’ll schedule a time for curbside pick up of these kits in early September.

At this time, we will be holding off on sending home school supply lists. We will let you know if additional items are needed as the school year progresses.

When will we receive A/B Schedule Information?

Scheduling has proven to be a detail oriented and lengthy process! There are siblings at the high school and middle school levels that we are making every effort to align A/B schedules with. There are parent A/B schedule requests that we are making every effort to accommodate. I know how much thought and care you are all putting in to make comprehensive distance learning work for your family! I will share cohort information with you as soon as I am able to. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

When Will I Know Who my Child’s Teacher is?

Our classroom teachers will be reviewing, revising, and updating the classroom configurations when they are back at work the week of August 31st. A mailing indicating your child’s teacher and other important information will be sent in the mail either September 2nd or 3rd.

What Will the First Days of School Look Like?

We will launch a slow start to school. This will mean that teachers will hold daily morning meetings to introduce expectations, create class community agreements and build teacher-student and student-student relationships. Teachers will then schedule virtual meet and greets with families for the remainder of each day. This will provide an opportunity for the classroom teacher to share class specific information with families and for families to share information about their child and ask questions.

What Will the Daily Schedule Look Like?

All students will have an opportunity to engage in synchronous learning everyday. Both cohorts will participate in the daily morning meeting, wellness and music lessons. Both cohorts will also have time at the end of the day dedicated to self-directed learning. Self directed learning activities may include but are not limited to Redbird, Typing Agent, independent research projects, and much more.

On Day 1 (Mondays & Wednesdays for Cohort A, Tuesdays & Thursdays for Cohort B), students will participate in synchronous language arts (reading/writing) and math instruction. Instruction will be within 20-30 minutes, allowing ample time for students to engage in guided learning, small group learning and/or conferring with the classroom teacher afterward.

On Day 2 (Tuesdays & Thursdays for Cohort A, Mondays & Wednesdays for Cohort B), students will participate in applied learning in language arts (reading/writing) and math. This means that they will be working on classwork and assignments connected to the lesson from the previous day and/or engaging in independent learning using the digital curriculum. Independent work will be connected to the lesson delivered by the classroom teacher the previous day.

On Day 2, Boones Ferry staff such as the school counselor, specialists, para educators, instructional coordinator and principal will check in with students and families as needed. Check-ins will be scheduled for a variety of reasons - to review lessons, to provide clarification about the school day, to answer questions and to support the social emotional needs of our students.

Day 3 will be held for each cohort on alternating Fridays. Classroom teachers will design these days based on the collective and individual needs of students in each cohort. They will communicate the schedule for Day 3 as we get closer to the first days of school.

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How can I pick up a copy of the 19-20 yearbook?

If you missed this week's distribution, there will be one more next Tuesday, August 25, 4-6pm. We'll utilize the same loop used for student pick-up and drop-off: after entering the school grounds, turn right and loop past Wood Middle School, then pull up to the front of the school, state your student(s) first and last name(s), and you'll be handed the yearbook(s) through the passenger window.

And remember, all outgoing 5th graders have a yearbook waiting for them!

If you did not order a yearbook but would like to purchase one, there are a limited amount available for $25 each on a first-come, first-served basis. Please bring $25 cash (exact change only, please) or a check made out to "BFPS PSS."

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