Transition Plus August 2nd

A Fresh Start & New Beginning!

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Welcome Back!!!!

I hope you all have had a Super Summer, are rejuvenated and ready for another successful school year! I have heard from some of you about your adventures , some of your relaxation and your ability to spend time with family and friends.I know some staff were able to get away whether up north, to other states or other parts of the globe.

This summer, Transition Plus hosted ESY in our space. From all accounts, it sounds like it was a success for staff and students. I hope each year with ESY at T Plus, our current students and future students will feel comfortable in our spaces. Once again, there have been staff in and out of the building throughout the summer, which shows me how dedicated and committed you are to our students here at T Plus. As I have said before, I feel very fortunate to work with the best staff in MPS!

There have been some changes in staff that occurred over the summer. Please make sure to welcome our new staff when you see them. I will be listing all of the new staff and their roles further down in this newsletter.

Let's make this the best year ever at T-Plus!

Start of School Year 2019-20

Here is a look at the two weeks prior to the start of school

Our school day for students is--- 9:40- 4:10

ESP time will be ------------------------9:40-4:10 unless otherwise specified

Licensed staff time will be--------- 8:30-4:30 unless otherwise specified

Licensed staff will be expected to report back to work 8/20/19 @ 8:30- we will be having an extended licensed staff meeting.

Optional: August 19th - Duty day for teachers and related service professionals who wish to flex the MEA Conference Day (Thursday, Oct. 18) as a non-duty day - Sign in will be required

August 29th- First Day Back for ESP Staff- ALL Staff will participate in onsite PD (ESP staff will be expected to attend at TPlus unless pre-approved for other district training that day)

Staff Updates

Here are staff updates this year:

Staff Deciding this summer to not return this school year:

  • Pamela Wurtz

Staff Joining us next year:

  • Rachel Hawkins------------------- New Social Worker (will begin October 28)
  • Dara Ceasar------------------------- Substitute Social Worker (9/3-10/28)
  • Shekinah Stigler ------------------ New Teacher (added position)
  • Jamie Brummel------------------- Lead ELL Teacher (added position)
  • Emilie Keller ------------------------ HS Work Coordinator (added position)
  • Emily Norton ----------------------- New Licensed School Nurse
  • Laura Anderson------------------- New SEA (1:1)
  • TBD ------------------------------------- New SEA (1:1)
  • TBD ------------------------------------- New SEA (1:1)
  • Aria Campbell --------------------- New SEA
  • Tiffany Tyus ------------------------ New SEA
  • Sarah Nelson ---------------------- New SEA
  • Bryan Hooper ---------------------- New AE - Engagement Team
  • Olivia Olick -------------------------- New AE - Engagement Team
  • TBD-------------------------------------- New SSPA
  • Faith Binmann--------------------- Student Teacher / with Brett

Staff position changes for next year

  • Analee Francisco------------------ Hennepin Healthcare Project Search
  • Stephanie Z ------------------------- Building float
  • David Leusser----------------------- AE at Coffee Plus
  • Devon ----------------------------------- SEA at Children's Hospital
  • Adam------------------------------------ SEA back onsite
  • Greg -------------------------------------- Increase IS to .5 FTE
  • Tia----------------------------------------- SEL Coach .4 FTE
  • Eric Reichow------------------------- Teacher back onsite
  • Peggy ----------------------------------- 1.0 FTE

Leadership Institute for School Improvement

On Wednesday August 14th, the Leadership Institute for School Improvement will taking place at Justice Page Middle School. This seems like it will be a great event. At the end of the Superintendent's Kick Off- Ahmed Ali will be providing an inspirational speech to school leaders from the whole district.

If you have thoughts or ideas you'd like included in this year's SIP for T-Plus please share with me or Greg prior to that day

Meeting Schedule for the year

Here is a list of the meetings scheduled for the year- there will be a couple of other groups with additional meetings scheduled - this will be coming soon!

As you are writing these meetings on your calendars, if you are a licensed staff you should consider setting up you IEP calendar too. Check in with a buddy teacher or Liz Carlson if you need help.

T Plus Structure

So everyone understands T Plus and our structure, here are a few documents to help you. Keep in mind these documents are fluid and will be changing as others have input and certain areas/ staffing is finalized.

TPlus Big Picture with Roles and Responsibilities

TPlus Services Overview

2019-20 Assignments

Parking Update at Center for Adult Learning

Here is the response to all of the concerns brought forward last year around parking.

There will be additional information coming out with how to get the hang tags and garage openers.

Giving Students a Voice in Their Education