By Kendra Engelbrecht

Create a culture Project

My culture is called the Marihatina tribe. They started their journey in the cold Arctic. They ended their journey in the Amazon Rainforest. It was quite the adaption. The year(s) the journey took place were from 4999 to 5000. Very far into the future. Here are some of the artifacts from their culture.
The first artifact is the flag. The flag has a star which represents the stars which they believe are their gods. The coloration is blue because of the cold, blue arctic they came from.
This is the flag.
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This is a map of their territory.
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Here is a story told to children in my culture.
Here is their calendar. There are only 4 months and each one is like a different season.
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This is the house that they live in.
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Here is their currency.
This is the sonnet.
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This is the numerical system.
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Thanks for viewing my create a culture project!