Room 3 News!

February 12, 2016

Star of the Week!

Our Star this week has taken hip-hop lessons! He knows a lot about the movie Cars and likes Halloween! He likes to read when he is alone. And he wants to see a real live mantis shrimp!
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Buddy PE with 4th Grade!

We started our week off with a Buddy PE! It was a ton of fun and helps build community and relationships throughout the school!

100th Day of First Grade!

It is so hard to believe we are more than half way through the school year! The day was filled with fun activities about the number 100!
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Building Snowmen!

This week each child built a paper snowman using one snowball for each letter of their name. Then we graphed the snowmen based on the number of snowballs used. We also read the story "Snowmen At Night" and decorated the background of our paper to match!

Beginning Surveys and Graphing!

This is truly math that doesn't feel like math!! The children are learning how to create survey questions and appropriate answer choices. They loved walking around gathering data as they asked their friends their survey question!
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Valentine's Celebration!

Our day was filled with love and friendship! From creating mailboxes, to delivering our Valentine's, to opening up each sweet card!! The children were all smiles!