Technology Tuesday

Sept. 24, 2013

A Few Tricks for the New iOS 7 Update

* to access the search page, swipe down in the middle of the screen

* to access the new control panel which allows you to access airplane mode, WiFi, Do not disturb, screen lock, brightness, and Bluetooth with out going into settings, swipe up from the bottom of the screen (there is also a flashlight there now too!)

* texts now have a timestamp...swipe to the left and a timestamp appears for each text

* there is a level....why we need that, I don't know, but there is a bubble level in the compass app and swipe to the left for the level

* to close open tabs in Safari merely swipe them to the left to close them quickly. There is a small "x" button on the top left corner of the open pages which you can use to close them also

* to block a number from calling, messaging, or Facetiming...go to settings > phone> blocked. Warning....when you block a number for one thing, it blocks them from everything!

* feel like your using too much of your data plan and want to know which app is to blame? go to settings > cellular and scroll down to the bottom. You can see which apps have used the most data and block it.

* want to close apps? if you doubletap the home button, it provides a screenshot of all open apps in a sideways scrolling carousel. To close each app, simply swipe up and off the screen. The good news is you shouldn't need to close apps that often; iOS 7 is designed so that most apps use little to no resources when in the background.

* folders can have multiple pages now, so they can hold a large number of apps

* Safari has a private browsing mode you can access in the tabs screen

* If you are using the default ringtones, give the list another look. They have added a bunch of new ringtones and text alerts!