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Government of Liberia

The government of Liberia is a Presidential Republic. The capital city is Monrovia, and its independence day is July 26. If you live in Liberia you can vote at the age of 18. Right now people voted for the president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Their national colors and their flag are pretty simular to ours, red, white, and blue are their national colors. Their flag is based off of ours.

Economy of Liberia

Liberia's GDP per capita is $900 and, compared to the world, is 224. Some of their agriculture products are rubber, coffee, cocoa, and rice. Liberia has a lot of people under the poverty line, 63.8%. Their inflation rate is 8.2% and, again, compared to the world is 199. Liberia's currency is called Liberian dollars or LRD. 1 US dollar equals 86.13 LRD. Or some people round it up to 90.

Geography of Liberia

Liberia is located on Africa and is just larger than Tennessee. Some natural resources in Liberia are iron ores, timber, diamonds, and gold. The climate is usually warm and humid throughout the year. It especially has a dry season from November to April. But you really should not go to Liberia from May through October because that is the rainy season. In Liberia they have beaches, mongrove swamps, plateaus, forests, and grasslands. If i were a tourist there, i would go to the beaches because it seems relaxing and fun. Elephants and chimpanzees are endangered there. Did you know the elephant calf can weigh 200 lbs at birth and can live over 70 years? Did you also know that a chimpanzee can weigh up to 154 lbs and usually active during the day.

Society in Liberia

Main ethnic groups in Liberia are Kpelle, Bassa, and Grebo. English is the main language there. 20 other languages are there but most can't be written or used.