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All about force and motion

There is many forms of force and of them is Newtons law of motion. if you don't you will learn it in this flyer all of them 1,2,3 they help us learn about all of them. And learn the creator of the Newtons laws of motion. The second one is simple machines. So in this flyer you will more about these topics.

Newton Law #1

(Law of inertia) objects in motion will remain in motion & objects at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.say there is a car and it's just resting its once in rest always in rest but if you push the car you are the outside force.

Newtons law #2

F=ma force=mass x aceration the greater the force the greater the speed (aceration). If you are pushing a box and you push it and it's goin slow but if you have a stronger freind and he pushes it it will most likely go faster then the push that you have done

Newtons Law #3

(The action/reaction law) for every action comes a equal and opposite reaction. If you trough a ball towards the ground it would hit you or it will go up and it will be in the air and come down


There are all kinds of simple macines like the inclined plane, wedge , screw , lever,wheel & axle , pully. These are the simple macines I will tell you what they do and what they are used for.