The father, son, and Jesus christ our lord

How christians pray

Christians,compared to other religons do not actually pray a lot. They pray at each meal,morning and night.

When christians pray they pray for their food and how their day went and what happened.They usually start the prayer with "Dear lord" and end it with "Amen".

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Facts about christianity

Christianity today is one of the most popular religions in the world.It also has a lot of different branches off of it such as: Apiscapailian,catholic,babtist,etc.

Christians only have belifes in one god which came down to earth in human form known as Jesus.When he was crusified he was at age 33.On the 3rd day he rose again.

Christianity started in the middle east

The middle east was very dry

Questions about christianity?

The one main question is what did Jesus look like? Well,on the right is what most people thinks he looks like: brown hair with a beard, brown eyes and peach skin .Jesus was born in Jerusilum which is the holy place for Christians which is located in the middle east.

Finally is what Christians pray with a book called a bible which has songs, prayers, and many other blessings.

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