Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Creech


Salamanca Tree Hiddle, also known as Sal, is a girl who moved from a farm in Bybanks, Kentucky to the neighborhood of Euclid, Ohio. On a road trip to visit her mother with her grandparents, Sal entertains them with a story to pass the time. That story is about Sal and her friend Phoebe's adventures, and the strange things that happen to Phoebe's family.

Thesis Sentence: Foreshadowing

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, the author Sharon Creech foreshadows and gives numerous clues to the unexpected endings of three of the characters.

Gram's Death

During the road trip, there were signs that Gram's health was getting worse. After Gram was bitten by the snake, Gramps started noticing other things that were wrong with Gram. "He [Gramps] was worried about Gram, but less about her leg than her raspy breathing." (p.142). This was the beginning of the decline of Gram's health, and the reader can already tell that something is wrong. Later on, Gram cried after she sees the geyser Old Faithful erupt, and Gramps asked her why she was crying. "Gram sniffled. 'Oh nothing. I'm so happy I got to see Old Faithful.' " (p.225). Gram had wanted to see Old Faithful all her life. Gram knew that she would die soon, and that Old Faithful might have be the last great thing she would see.

Mike Bickle Being Mrs. Winterbottom's Son

From his first appearance in the book, it seemed like Mike was hiding something. When he first confronted Phoebe at her house, he only wanted one thing. "The young man [Mike] said, 'I want to see Mrs. Winterbottom. Is she here or what?' " (p.43). Mike needed to talk to Mrs. Winterbottom in private, which means he may have had to share important information to her, like that he was her son. A while later, when Phoebe and Sal broke into Mrs. Cadaver's house to find evidence that she murdered her husband, Phoebe and Sal find Mrs. Partridge, and she talks to Phoebe. " 'Oh, Phoebe, I think I met your brother'. Phoebe said, 'I don't have a brother.' " (p.193). Even though the characters might see this as a mistake, this statement made by Mrs. Partridge shows that there is a possibility that Phoebe has a brother.

Sal's Mom's Death in a Bus Accident

Sharon Creech kept readers guessing about whether or not Sal's mom was dead or alive, but there are some key clues that tell the truth. One of the first clues was when Sal was explaining to the reader why she was going on a road trip. "Gram and Gramps wanted to see Momma, who was resting peacefully in Lewiston, Idaho." (p.5). Sal used a term-'resting peacefully'-that one would use about someone if that someone were deceased. While Sal, Gram, and Gramps were driving through the mountains of Montana, Sal was very nervous. "I could see our car bursting through the railing and plunging down the cliff. As we approached each curve, I could see us smashing straight on into a truck or a camper. Every time I saw a bus, I watched it sway. I watched its tires spin dangerously close to the gravel at the road's edge." (p.227). Sal is afraid and paranoid not just because of her safety, but because she knew that her Mom had died the same way.


There are sometimes omens, good or bad, about what will happen to someone in the future. Sharon Creech gives clues towards the conclusions of the situations of Gram, Mike and Mrs. Winterbottom, and Sal's Mom. These omens can help readers predict what will happen next.