Monday Message

First Grade Newsletter, December 8, 2014

Holiday Donation Project

This week first grade will be collecting money toward the purchase of gifts for a child in need. While all donations are appreciated, it is the charitable giving from your child's own piggy bank that is most meaningful. Please encourage your child to make a donation, no matter how small, to this worthy cause by Friday the 12th. Thank you!

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Read minutes, fill out the form, and return it to the library by February 23, 2015. In the spring, you will receive a FREE Six Flags ticket to use over the summer! You may accumulate minutes while reading for homework, completing the 25 Book Challenge, and/or any other reading you may do. You're already reading; complete the form and earn a free ticket!

Reading with Children FAQs

What IS fluent reading?

Fluent reading sounds just like talking. Fluent reading is comfortable.

What is NOT fluent reading?

It is not slow, deliberate, word-by-word, labored, "robotic" reading. It is not reading at a super fast pace skipping over punctuation.

How do I help my child read more fluently?

Say: Good reading sounds just like talking. Fluent reading is comfortable.

Say: Read that again so it feels more comfortable.

Say: Slow down. Pause each time you reach a period.

Say: What is this page about? After your child answers, have him/her read again. (This helps draw your child's attention to the meaning of what's being read rather than individual words which can lead to better fluency.)

Model: Read a page or two, so your child can hear how fluent reading sounds.

This Week's Topics

Language Arts: Narrative Writing, Sentence Writing

Spelling: Short Vowel Words with Blends, Test December 12th

Reading: Using Textual Evidence & Our Experiences to Make Inferences

Math: Telling Time to the Hour & Half-Hour

Social Studies: Good Citizenship

Science: Identifying Types of Energy

Dates to Remember

December 12th: GES Bank, FAST

December 19th: Pajama Day, Winter Parties 10:30 - 11:30, Early Release 11:45

December 22 - January 5th: Winter Break

January 9: FAST

January 13: Class Picture Day

January 16: Student Spirit Day, FAST

January 19: MLK, Jr. Day, School Holiday

January 23: College Colors Day, FAST

January 30: Bank, FAST

February 23: Six Flags Read to Succeed Form Due to Library