Newsletter - week 9, Term 3

Term 3 Week 9 - 23rd September 2022

Reminder school closed MONDAY 26th - Queen Elizabeth II Remembrance Day


Tena Koutou, Talofa, Namaste, Hello and Greetings

This Monday school will be closed for the Queen’s memorial day, giving us only 4 days in our last week of term. As you know we will be opening our museum next week and it will open on Tuesday at 1pm. The children have put a lot of time and effort into this. During reading time, they have read articles and stories about bird migration, pacific voyages and lots of Māori myths and legends. During writing time, children have retold legends, created new legends, written about bird migration and written scripts. Children have learned new skills to animate and create and are really proud to show off what they have learned and we can’t wait for you to come in and see for yourselves.

Last week the whole country celebrated Te wiki o Te Reo Māori. Here at school we have learned new games and celebrated matauranga Māori all term through our inquiry learning around pacific migration and our local history. This year teachers have participated in professional development, He Papa Kainga, through Te Wananga o Aotearoa and have been working with other teachers within our kahui ako (community of learning) to improve our knowledge and pronunciation of te reo maori. We have recently had Raiha (who leads the learning of cultural capabilities for our kahui ako) come in and visit our classes. She taught our classes some new activities to help with our pronunciation and we taught her some cool games that we have been playing to practice our pronunciation. She was so impressed she planned to teach other schools our game!

Wendy Kitto is officially back on deck as of the first day of the school holidays. As you all know Wendy was awarded a sabbatical this term, she has used this time to visit schools in the North Island and attended the recent Principals’ Conference. She is back, refreshed and ready to implement some of her key learnings and we look forward to welcoming her back. With Wendy back I shall return to my class room which means we must bid a fond farewell to Ally Gutsell.

Ally has done an excellent job teaching and caring for the students in Rimu. From experience I can tell you that walking into somebody else’s classroom part way through the year is no easy feat but Ally accepted that challenge and can be very proud of her effort and what she has achieved. I know the children are really going to miss Ally and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours and look forward to seeing the amazing things she achieves in her future teaching career.

A couple of friendly reminders…

School is closed on Monday 26th of September for Queen’s Memorial Day

School does not open until 8:30am and students should not be at school before then. This time is precious preparation time where teachers are busy and not necessarily in their classrooms actively supervising children. Please remember to let us know of any absences including a reason for the absence via phone, txt, school messenger or through the school app.

Sarah Gilbert

Acting Principal

Kia pai tō rā whakatā (have a great weekend).

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We would like to welcome the following students to our School. We know you will enjoy your learning journey with us at East Gore School.

Room Kauri: Neko

Room Rata: Billie

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Assembly 16th September 2022

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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori week

Last week we continued our learning with local myths and legends. In the classrooms the children enjoyed playing Kemu and cooperative games.

Whakarongo or whakaroko? You may know that te reo in the south is a little different to other areas and using the 'k' sound instead of the 'ng' sound is not the only difference. Kotahi Mano Kāika is a Kāi Tahu strategy to revitalise the reo o Kāi Tahu and ensure its survival for generations. Check out the link below to find events and resources.

Last chance to register for touch in term 4

At this stage we do not have enough students to make up a touch team in term 4 - could any late registrations please be in by the end of Friday. Please follow the link to register.

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Thank you to our great volunteers Emma & Co, Grace Church team and Phillip for your help with allowing this service to be offered to all students. If you would like to help you would be most welcome - more the merrier.

Breakfast Club will open in the hall at 8.35am and finish at 8.50am - weetbix followed by toast will be on offer.

Ministry of Health Guidelines

A reminder from the MOE and MOH

  • If a child has been unwell with a respiratory illness other than COVID-19, they can return to school 24 hours after they have significantly improved and are behaving/ eating normally.

  • Following vomiting or diarrhoea, a child should be symptom free for 48 hours before returning to school.

  • If they still have a runny nose or dry cough without any other symptoms such as fever, vomiting or diarrhoea, then they are unlikely to be infectious and can be considered well enough to come to school.

  • In general, a doctor's certificate or clearance should not have to be provided for a child to return to school after being unwell.

The Ministry of Health has recently updated its definition of a household contact.

You are a household contact if you:

  • normally share a residence with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 (either on a permanent or part-time, or shared custody basis)

  • spent at least one night or day (more than eight hours) in that residence while the person with COVID-19 was infectious

  • don’t normally share a residence with the positive case but have spent a night together in the same room.



We are unable to heat up lunches for students at lunch times. Staff use this time getting ready for the afternoon programmes and having their own break. We appreciate your support by not sending pies/noodles etc to school. School lunches are provided to every student in the school.


Headlice cases have popped up across the school this week. If you could all check your child/rens hair and treat if necessary. We appreciate you help with the control of this.


If your any student is unwell we will ring home to ask them to be picked up.

Ministry of Health guidelines say that students must stay away from school 48 hours after the last vomit or diarrhoea episode.



Term 3: July 25th - September 30th

Term 4: October 17th - December 15th

Upcoming events

27th - 30th - East Gore School Museum open

30th September - Assembly 2.30pm (Rimu)

30th September - Last Day of term 3

17th October - Start of term 4

15th December - Last day of the school year


Measles Information

Here are some links for more measles information

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