First Gentleman Chief Justice

IOC trophy award to the First Gentleman Chief Justice Richard Banda

The International Olympic Committee has awarded Chief Justice Richard Banda SC with a trophy as part of recognition for his constant ontribution, support and development of the Olympic Movement in Malawi. The 2013 IOC 150 th anniversary of Pierre de Coubertin, sport as a school of life” trophy has been awarded to the First Gentleman, an honorary member of the Malawi Olympic Committee.

Banda received the award on Tuesday at a function that took place at Kamuzu Palace. Malawi Olympic Committee vice president, Flora Mwandira presented the Trophy, in the presence of other Executive Board Members of the committee.

He was also presented with another award, the Olympic Wreath, in commemoration of the just ended Malawi’s first ever Mini Olympic Games which took place in Lilongwe last week.

Speaking during the presentation MOC vice president Mwandira said the award is one way of recognizing the first gentleman for his support towards the committee.

All this was done in the spirit of recognition of his constant contribution, support and development of the Olympic Movement in Malawi said Mwandira.

During the function the First Gentleman made a personal donation of One Million Malawi Kwacha towards the just ended Mini Olympic Games.Mwandira said the donation has come at a right time as Moc was struggling to pay expenses incurred during the games.