Star-Shaped Wonders

Rachel Schulman


Sea stars are gorgeous, interesting creatures that can change genders. This is just one of the amazing facts about this underwater star-shaped crustacean. Starfish are fascinating animals that have interesting topics that include body structure/appearance, movement, and habitat.


Starfish are ravishing animals. Movement, body structure/appearance, and habitat are just some original topics about this species. In conclusion, these water dwelling stars are very interesting and exquisite.

Go Fish

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In school we did a project that we make buy our own fish tank, while spending money on decor, fish, filter, etc, under a $250 dollar budget. My total cost of items was $123.77. My tax was $7.40. My total of that was $130.10. My money left to buy fish was $120.10. I spent $29.38 on 2 Black Ghost fish, which are both 10 inches. My overall total was $149.48. This was a fun project that let us use our minds in different ways.

Think Tank


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This is a starfish's habitat. There are 6 additional organisms that could share a habitat with a starfish.



Description: A Lamington is a square-shaped sponge cake, with a coating of chocolate frosting, topped with sprinkles of coconut.

History: Most Lamingtons are found in local cafés, usually eaten with tea or coffee.

Facts: Lamingtons are the “National Cake of Australia”.


4 eggs

200g granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

200g all-purpose flour

1½ tsp baking powder

110g butter, melted and cooled


75g unsalted butter

250ml milk

65g cocoa powder

435g confectioners' sugar

6 cups desiccated coconut

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