The Queen's day

from: yonatan malca grade 6

In the morning:

  1. In the morning the Queen wakes up and eats a royal braekfast.
  2. After the breakfast the queen chooses several letters from the many that arrive each day. her staff help her to answer them.
  3. The Queen has many mitings, the mitings lasts 10-20 minutes. The Queen and her visitor usually meet alone.

In the after noon

  1. On after noon the Queen often goes to the public Commitments.
  2. Every after noon the queen is engaged In many meetings and audiences with different kind of people.
  3. The queen often makes visit outside the castle. She travels by the royal train. If the visit is far away from her castle she sleeps in the visit.

In the evening

  1. At 7:30 pm the queen reports all the parliamentary proceedings.

  2. Some eveninig she may attend a film premiere or a Theater play.

  3. Some evening the queen go to receptions in the Buckingham Palace.

3 pictures of the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

Hope you have learned