The Sphinx

How would you have felt, thousands of years ago, making a monument for a Pharaoh? A bit nervous maybe? That he could possibly kill you if you get something wrong? Maybe people of that era might not even feel the slight bit of nerves creep on their back! The Egyptians of that time in history made one big structure
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The Sphinx is formed like a couchant lion, and it wears the headdress of a Pharaoh (Ancient Egypt). The Sphinx was built during the reign of Pharaoh Khafre (Ancient Egypt). The Sphinx is apart of the set of structures built to honor Pharaoh (touregypt). The Sphinx is still apart of the memorial for Pharaoh Khafra today (touregypt).
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The Sphinx was carved from the Giza Plateau's natural limestone. The Sphinx is 241 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 66 feet high (Duckster). The Sphinx was covered in sand for its first 1,000 years (Duckster). Over the years, the Sphinx has lost its nose, a piece of its right shoulder, and a part of its left hind paw (Area Web). In present day, people can see large flakes of limestone chip off during windy days (Area Web).
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People from all over the world go to tour the Sphinx.( USA Today). People can visit the Sphinx by touring it in a private or group tour (USA Today). Tourists travel to view the Sphinx because it is mysterious and grand. Each year, millions of people come to Egypt to tour the Sphinx.
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The effort and time put into this Sphinx was well worth it! The Egyptians of the 2500's B.C. made one massive and imposing structure. The Sphinx is a sight to see indeed. Join the millions of people every year, and see why the Sphinx is one of the greatest monuments in Egypt!

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