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August 2021

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The First Day of School is Aug. 23

To help families get ready, Pattonville compiled much of your "need-to-know" information right in one spot. Look for more details to come from your schools. We're excited to start a new year with all our students, families and staff!

SSD Parent Leadership Institute - Fall 2021

SSD’s Parent Education and Diversity Awareness Program is seeking applicants interested in participating in the 2021 SSD Parent Leadership Institute.

Parent Leadership Institute participants have the opportunity to:

  • Build understanding of future planning and problem-solving utilizing the Charting the LifeCourse tools,

  • Learn to effectively participate in their child’s education and improve the educational climate for all children,

  • Learn how to positively interact and collaborate with other parents and school personnel,

  • Discover new resources and network with other parents.

This program, which is offered at no cost to participants, is designed for parents and family members who are the educational decision makers for a child with a disability.

The three sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 5:30-8:30 PM, on Sept. 22, Sept. 29, and Oct. 6, 2021, at SSD Central Office, 12110 Clayton Road, 63131.

In-person sessions are currently planned, and further information will be provided to participants if there are any changes prior to the first session. If in-person attendance is possible, dinner will be provided with all sessions.

Download the application to apply.

For more information:

SSDMO.ORG - Parent Leadership Institute

Parent Advisory Council

The SSD Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is comprised of families advising and collaborating to improve the education, confidence and social outcomes of each student served by SSD. The PAC consists of five parents or guardians – one member and four alternates – from each of the 22 St. Louis County school districts and from each of the five SSD special education schools. The parents or guardians of students receiving special education services in that district or school elect SSD PAC members.

Get Involved with the SSD PAC:

  • Network and communicate with other parents of children who receive special education services

  • Become as informed as possible about special education services

  • Improve communication between your local school district and SSD

  • Create a positive understanding and awareness of students with disabilities

  • Establish a network of advocacy for local, state and national disability issues

Complete this online form to learn more about getting involved with the SSD Parent Advisory Council.

We're Hiring!

Pattonville is in need of special education para-educators throughout the District. If you or someone you know, would be interested in working with the students in your community, please visit our job openings. When applying, be sure to indicate your preference to work in Pattonville. For questions about future employment opportunities in Pattonville, contact Dee Byrnes at 314-989-8585.

Applicants must have:

  • Desire to work with and help children succeed

  • Active online application with

  • Original transcripts with 60 college credit hours

SSD offers:

  • Salary range: $15.35 - $26.41 (based on years of experience)

  • Full time with paid benefits

Upcoming Dates

August 9-11

New Teacher Orientation

August 12-13

Staff Orientation/Development Days

August 16-20

Staff Orientation/Development Days

August 23

First Day of School

Pattonville District August Calendar

Let's Talk!

Let’s Talk is an open invitation from Special School District (SSD) to tell us what’s on your mind.​Let’s Talk is an easy way to submit feedback at your convenience directly to the SSD staff member who can help.

Pattonville School District

Dee Byrnes, SSD Director of Special Education

Tori Cain, Director of Student Services

Deidre Smalls, Special Education Coordinator - Bridgeway, Parkwood, Rose Acres

Carla Addoh, Special Education Coordinator - Remington, Willow Brook, Robert Drummond

Dee Byrnes, Special Education Coordinator - Holman Middle

Leigh Ann Richelman, Special Education Coordinator - Pattonville Heights & Pattonville High