Guardian of the Shield

Launching Fall of 2014

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Protecting the Future

A shield provides protection to the one who bears it. We strive to provide Aquin students with a shield of Responsibility, Respect, Faith, Leadership, Service, Knowledge and Character. But we can’t do it alone. We need the support--both spiritually and financially--of our parents, our alumni and our community.

In this vein, we ask you to support our new ‘Guardian of the Shield’ program. As a supporter you will help protect the future of our students and our school system--and your rewards will be great. This new program is in it’s beginning stages with a ‘launch date’ of August 22. Information will be posted on our ‘Guardian of the Shield’ webpage on our website. Look for it in the coming weeks.

With your support and the hard work and dedication of our families, staff, faculty and friends, we will keep the shield alive.
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Guardian of the Shield Donation Program

Through the Guardian program, community members, businesses, alumni and families will commit to donate $700 to Aquin. This money will be donated as a one-time donation or can be made in seven $100 ACH donations to Aquin from October-April. As a sign of appreciation for this support, Guardians will earn certain privileges.

  1. Free Admission for a Guardian and a guest (2 people total) to all Aquin home games

  2. Free Admission for a Guardian and a guest to 1 performance of Aquin's Fall Play and Spring Musical

  3. 1 Free bag of popcorn at each Aquin home Senior High Football, Volleyball or Basketball games

  4. Free Admission for a Guardian and a guest to all 7 'Guardian Nights'

    • Guardian Nights will be held once per month, October-April, and will be entirely planned, funded, prepared and cleaned up by the parents of Aquin.

    • 2 classes will be paired together to host 1 Guardian Night per year.

    • Each class has at least 1 class rep to inform, motivate, lead the class.

    • Guardian Nights will also be open to anyone who pays admission, which will vary from event to event.

      • Examples of possible Guardian Nights are: spaghetti supper, Oktoberfest wine/beer tasting, poker night, Christmas cookie exchange and caroling, etc.

  5. Guardian name will be listed on 'Guardian of the Shield' webpage.

  6. Final event in April will be an Appreciation Dinner--exclusively for Guardian and a guest.

Complete details of the program will be finalized by early August. The 'perks' listed above are in discussion, nothing is 'set in stone' yet. Class reps have met with Aquin Administration and are working on the Guardian Night Events. We will limit the number of Guardians to 100. Each Guardian will donate $700.

$700 x 100 = $70,000!

Aquin Fundraising 2014-2015

Guardian of the Shield . Donor Program . goal of $70,000

  • replaces Extravaganza 2015
  • Extravaganza 2014 netted $20,000
Halloween-a-thon . Walk-a-thon with Pledges . goal of $30,000
  • held in October
  • netted $22,000 in 2013-14
Adesse . Daily Cash Raffle . goal of $40,000
  • $25 tickets sold November-January
  • netted $18,000 in 2013-14

Your class reps are listed below. We are extremely grateful to these ladies for stepping up and enthusiastically supporting our new program. Watch for an email or phone call from them regarding your class(es) Guardian Night planning.

  • Preschool . Emily Mullarky
  • Kindergarten . OPEN!
  • 1st Grade . Kim Beggin
  • 2nd Grade . Angela Garcia
  • 3rd Grade . Kara Carlisle
  • 4th Grade . Wendy Domino & Misty Thruman
  • 5th Grade . Andrea Ege
  • 6th Grade . Jess Stykel
  • 7th Grade . Kathleen McIntyre
  • 8th Grade . Teresa Whalen
  • 9th Grade . Dawn Carlson
  • 10th Grade . Karleen Budenz
  • 11th Grade . Jean Johnson & Karen Johnson
  • 12th Grade . Darcy Brunner

We are still in need of a Kindergarten class rep. Please contact if you are interested. You can share the volunteer role with a friend also.

Guardian of the Shield Student Program

In recognition of the good things our students do and represent, we will also be naming a 'Student of the Month' who displays the 'Shield' quality of the month from October-April. These qualities are:
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Knowledge
  • Character

The nomination and selection process will be released when it is finalized. Students will be recognized in local media.

Don't Miss 'Friday Night Lights'!

We are planning a brand new kick-off event for the school year and it will be held on Friday, August 22nd at Aquin High School. This is the 1st Friday night of the 2014-15 school year and there is not a high school football game.

The evening will hopefully include:

  • a short presentation on the 'Guardian of the Shield'
  • a 'Meet the Players' event for all Aquin Dawgs--Big and Little
  • supper at our concessions booth
  • family fun and Dawg Spirit for all!

More details will be coming on this event as they are finalized. Please mark the night on your calendar and plan to attend with your family!

Thank you for your support!

We will keep you updated as much as possible in the coming weeks on the status of the Guardian Program. There is a Class Rep Meeting on Monday, July 21 at 6:00pm. There we will finalize class pairings for Guardian Nights, review (and possibly finalize) Guardian Night events, plan for 'Friday Night Lights', and review and finalize aspects of the new program. If you have an idea for your class(es) Guardian Night(s), please be sure your class rep knows of your idea before July 21.

As always, we are grateful for any and all support. There is a lot of work to be done in the next few weeks, but the potential of the program--and participation of many hands--will make it easy.

Thank you and stay tuned!