Local News Update

By Braeden


In the iTrailer unit, I got to make an iTrailer of myself.
It was very fun to film and add images that described me to the trailer.
If you wanted to, you could show the trailer to the class.

Explain Everything

Using the Explain Everything app, we had to demonstrate how to solve a simple math problem.
It was fun playing around with the app and what it could do.
It was also fun to explain the problem using a recording feature.

Haiku Deck

Using the Haiku Deck website, you make a presentation about your dream job.
The presentation is made of slides.
You can pick any job that you want to have when you grow up.


During the coding unit, you learn basic coding through a website called Code.org.
Learning what certain pieces of code do is fun.
It is fun to mess around with the code.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a website about learning about college and your dream job.
You can also find out things like your learning style by taking tests.
There are also some games to play.

Learn To Type

Every day at the beginning of class, you use the learn to type website to improve typing skills.
There are multiple lessons and courses to learn.
It is fun to see how fast or accurate you can type.