The Fallout

By S.A.Bodeen Ciara Rice 3B-A ELA

Exposition Setting

In the story, they lived in a compound for 6 year, then they moved once someone found them down there and took them up. They lived in there old mansion and stayed there inside until paparazzi would leave. It was hard because they wanted to go outside so bad but they couldn't due to paparazzi.

Exposition Conflict

The main character of the story Eli and the rest names are Eddy,his sister Reese,Lexie,Cara,and the boys Quinn,Lucas,and his mom. They were there due to their father putting them in there and saying that there were going to be an nuclear attack.They were a rich family and had their own business that was under their there dad's name.They were stuck under there for six years. Finally some people went down there and found them and they found out that someone was taking over there family business. Mom didn't want any body to take the family business so she got mad.

Rising Action

Then they came up and lived in there old mansion,and had to stay in until the paparazzi left. They didn't know what to do when they were there so they ask to go outside. So after that they wanted to do to help charity so Eli went to a charity what deals with kid with progeria it was a syndrome it is extremely rare.So when he was there he meet this girl name Verity she was there to take her brother at the end of the chapter she gave him her phone number. When he get home Cara and the others were trying to get mom to say yes but she kept saying no because she had them under her wing for so long that she didn't let them go anywhere, but in the middle of the story they made up a list of places they would go once a week. She agreed on one condition and that was for them to stay together.Cara and Reese cried tears of joy because mom let them go. Also on the tv they seen the man who was to take over the business. After that they went to the mall the next day and they split up in to groups between the older kids and that's Eddy and Lexie went together with lee and Cara and Eli had Lucas and Reese. Well with Eli they were going to look for books and clothes for Cara and Reese.


As they were looking they saw a man looking directly at them so they follow him but, every corner they turned he was on the other side. They lost him and they thought it was there imagine playing tricks on them.Once they went home he called Verity and they talked. After a couple weeks they had been seeing his dad and the didn't know what to do he begin looking for his dad. He went on a website on doomsday looking. As he was in his room the family planned a trip to Colorado with out mom.

Falling Action

With the pilot name tony he was on a mission for there dad instead of going to Colorado they went to an island as they got close to finding him they found him, he took them to this place to answer their questions.It was a island they went to Eli knew he set it up for them to go on that island. After days and hours they talked. About the family and what to do next.


Once they woke up they saw that he was gone so they decide to go to the jet and leave with Tony. As they left there was holding hands and shaking and never for getting the time with their dad.

Character Trait

Eli was very was very smart because he figure out what happen to his dad. He was very kind heart because he told his mom that he would stayed home some she could go out to the mall. He was responsible because he watched Reese and Lucas, and his baby sister Cara. He is sixteen year old and he tall like 5'6 and probably cute.