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Hello again and welcome to your student newsletter from your fellow peers (and support from our counselors Ms. McLarnan & Ms. Shires). We are here to listen, encourage, inspire, educate and entertain you with a wide range of information and guidance.

In our Newsletter, you will find:

  • Advice from our "Super Solver" - students ask for advice through our Listen Locker, located in the 200 hallway. Answers will be given through this newsletter by other students, along with the help of our counselors.
  • LifeHacks
  • Quotes
  • Surveys - when needed
  • Articles for just us :)
  • Community Events
  • School Events
  • School Calendar

We hope you enjoy reading and PLEASE spread the word and get all of your friends to read our monthly newsletter!

Super Solver - "Listen Locker" Advice

Super Stressed! Tips?

Tips: Organization is key! Make sure you have a planner/checklist (example: you can just buy notebook paper and write out your classes and all your homework assignments on there) Or

you can unwind with calming yourself with music/hobby/interest

My friends are mad at me for something really stupid. What do I do?

Understand the conflict by retracing your steps of what you did. If it's an accident, just apologize first! Be truthful with your actions and take ownership of what you did.

I don't want to hang out with some of my friends. How do I tell them?

Slowly start to distance yourself from them and remember to be kind. Be prepared to discuss why you are being distant.

I like this boy. I don't know if he likes me back. How do I tell if he likes me?

Become friends first and if you already are, then continue that friendship and see where it goes.

My girlfriend is mad at me. I don't know why. Please tell me how to fix it!

Kindly ask your girlfriend, "what have I done to make you upset?" You may be pleasantly surprised!

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Upcoming Events

October 19th - Unity Day!

Forestwood UNITES for KINDNESS. Join in and wear orange on this day to show your support. Commit to stand together, accept one another and spread kindness...its contagious.

October 24-28th - Red Ribbon Week

Be listening for announcements and activities.

October 28th - Kindness Assembly

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Check out community events for your family and friends!