Kindergarten News

December 4, 2015


This week we have been working on matching our pictures with our words. This involves tracking print. You can not read a word before moving your finger to that word. Also if you are reading about a snake then the words should represent a snake. We are connecting this as we learn to write too. We are also learning that our stories have characters and WE can act out our stories. WE can become the characters! Try acting out a story as you read at home.

Sight Words:

me, my, yellow, blue, can, look

In small groups our learning is very differentiated. Some groups are learning to identify letters and sounds. Some groups are learning to listen for a sound in a word and some groups are learning to blend those sounds to make words!


When we write we want to add pictures. When we draw a picture we want to add words. When we put these together we want to see them match! We are learning that when we draw a picture our words need to match our picture. We have been connecting this in our writing. Your child has amazing ideas and when they get a chance to put those on paper through a picture their creativity come flowing out! Make sure you allow your child time to color and write words at home. When trying to write words we use an alphabet chart to help us with the sounds we hear!


We are focused on numbers! We are counting and comparing! We will begin next week measuring and collecting data! We will continue to compare numbers in this process!

Kindergarten Service Project

We have kicked off our Kindergarten Service Project! We will be learning as community members we help our community! We will be helping The Serenity Center Food Pantry! We will gather can goods Nov. 30th-Dec. 18th (the last day of school for winter break)

You all have started us off strong for the 1st week of collecting! Keep it coming! Some examples of items needed:

  • canned fruits and veggies
  • soup
  • ravioli
  • spaghetti o's
  • cereal
  • peanut butter
  • macaroni & cheese
  • boxed salads
  • boxed pasta

Dates to Remember

  • Winter Party (more info. to come)- Dec. 18th
  • Last Day of School - Dec. 18th
  • Winter Break- Dec. 21- Jan. 1st
  • First day back- Jan. 4th
  • Report Cards go home- Jan. 8th
  • No School Jan. 18th- Martin Luther King Jr Day

Teacher Contacts

If you need an invite for our behavior management system Class Dojo please let your teacher know!

Mrs. Boucher:

Mrs. Collins:

Mrs. Kuerzi: