Wetlands Are Wonderful

Today we will explore the wonderful world of wetlands.

The 4 types of wetlands!

Bogs- A type of wetland that is usually covered in peat, a substance that is only naturally found in bogs.

Swamps- These types of wetlands are usually characterized by their large spindly trees.

Marshes- This wetland sub-type has lots of tall grass and is covered by water most of the year.

Fens- This a rather peculiar wetland because you cant see most of the water. The majority of the water is hidden below soil layers.

Pictures of some of the types of wetlands!

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Why are Wetlands Useful?

  1. Wetlands are a home to many species of endangered wildlife. An example of these are birds, amphibians, and rare plants that all call wetlands a home!
  2. Wetlands can act as a natural water filter.
  3. Floods can be slowed down, or completely surpassed if they run over a wetland biome. Thank goodness for wetlands if you live in Japan.

Fun Facts

  • 71% of our countries recreational and commercial fishing income comes from wetland dependent species.
  • The wetland biome covers only 5% of the conterminous United States, yet they hold 31% of our wildlife!
  • Almost half of our bird species either breed or feed in wetlands!

  • Over 1/2 of the worlds wetlands have been destroyed since 1900.