By Matthew

Introduction to France

France is in Europe. The capital of France is Paris. The main languages of France are French, Dutch, Breton, Euskara, and German. The French flag are from left to right are blue, white, then red. In the summer the temperature is usually cold. France is a free country. With a democracy as it's government. The population of France is an astounding 63,600,000.


Like I said before, France's government is a democracy. The current leader of France is Nicolas Sarkozy.

Famous person and place

A famous place in France are the Alps. I bet you know what a lot of people do there. Now a famous person I am going to tell you about is Queen Marie Antoinette. Tis a sad tale. The young lass was beheaded. She was beheaded during the French Revolution. Isn't it wierd that a queen was beheaded. Tell me about it.

French Festivals

It's time to tell you about the festivals in France. They sound so fun! Some of the festivals are the Nice Jazz Festival, the French Tennis Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, and Bastille Day.


Some animals in France are the Atlantic Puffin. Others are the American Cliff Swallow, Artic Warbler, and the American Black Duck. There are many more species in France, believe me I know.

What was Learned

From doing this project, I learned a lot about France. At first, I had no idea that Puffins lived in France. Also I never knew that a queen was beheaded. That is just some of the things that I learned. See you later.