Eastern Oklahoma

By: Caleb Bazil


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Oklahoma hospital for the insane

In Eastern Oklahoma there is a hospital that is still used to this day. This hospital was known as the Oklahoma hospital for the insane. This hospital received its first patients in the year 1913. And 300 more patients were shipped a year later after the third building was completed.


In 1910 the Chapel Creek Winery was thought of and was started being built. The building was finished in 1913 in the Eastern part of Oklahoma. This church wine house was a place used for religion and a place used for storing and selling great wines.

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The first two

The first two tribes to live in the Eastern area of Oklahoma were the Wichitas and the Quapaws. The very first of course being the Wichitas.


In the Eastern part of Oklahoma lies the political graveyard. The political graveyard which dates back to the early 1900's was a place where the families could choose if that person (someone in politics) would be buried there.


In Eastern Oklahoma their were tons and tons of mines. The reason for these mines was that Oklahoma lied in the interior coal province of the central USA. Over the period of years from 1873 through the 1980s 24 named beds were identified in nineteen counties of eastern Oklahoma.