Texas Road Trip

Made by: Rachel Tanel Period: 7 Texas History



This city is awesome I loved it! The reason I went was, that my friend and her family live here. My friends names are Preetika and her little sister Starlika.


I loved Brownsville because it is a lot like Dallas they have the city or the down town. But they also have a small town like Coppell.


Also it's the 3rd largest city on the border of Mexico on the American side of corse. I think you should go to Brownsville, because it is so so so beautiful and pretty!


I would say that there culture is like ours. They might have little tiny bit of Mexican culture.



So today I went to Houston Texas. Let me just say it's a lot of fun there. Mind blowing lots of fun.


I remember I read somewhere it is the most populated city in Texas and 4th most populated city in the USA. They have over 2 million people that's almost a states population. Well a small state unlike Texas.


Houston was founded in 1836 on land near the banks. The city was named after general Houston.How cool would that be if there was a city named after you! Think you go somewhere and you say "5 days ago they named a city after me".

Houston Sightings:

Houston has UFO sightings it says in the paper. I herd it was September 14 2014. That was 10 days ago because today is the 24th.



As you probably know Waco is home of the Baylor bears.


In 1824 Thomas M. Duke explored the area and decided to make a city out of it. This town is situated on the West Bank of the River. So that's the History.


The culture here is really pretty interesting it is very Texan. They might wake up in cowboy boots. Just kidding. In Coppell we are not that Texan. That is very unlike Waco.

San Antonio

History: This city lets guests people see the historical events. This city isn't like the others! I think it worth everything it has because it did so much for it! Some of the Germans settled in San Antonio.

Culture: The culture comes from the city itself. But there you can go western shooting. I didn't do it I was to young you have to be 18 or older. But I do have 2 older brothers that are 23 and 24 that love to go shooting. So I just sat there and watched and wrote this.


Amarillo is the perfect place to get a big taste of Texas. I think it is a lot of Texan. This city is very interesting also. They have lots of things. Amarillo is the 14th most populated city in Texas so I am sure there is something for everybody there.

Historical: They have a canyon in Amarillo that they call there The Grand Canyon of Texas . That I think would be great for the historical part of Amarillo. The canyon opened July 4th 1934 ( Honestly I think it is cool they opened on the fourth of July ). That means it has recently had a 80 year reunion. The canyon contains 29,182 acres of canyon.

Culture: Amarillo has lots of cultural things. Like one is also The Grand Canyon Of Texas. The reason this is Texan is because it is really big. And you know the expression: everything is bigger in Texas. And only Texas has that quote. So that's why I saw in Amarillo.


Intro: Lubbock Texas was named after a country : Lubbock Country. History:

The county of Lubbock was founded in 1876, named after Thomas Saltus Lubbock and that is when lubbock Texas was named.Culture: Every year on July 4, Lubbock hosts the 4th on Broadway event, an Independence Day festival. The event is entirely free to the public, and I was there for it!

Jack Stevens Park - Lubbock Texas


Alpine is a city in the country part of Texas. You know when the people there live on a ranch. History: The city was created in 1882. Honestly I think that is kind of late for a creation of a city. In my opinion. Culture: As I said they are very Texan. That is a lot of there culture. I think that my cousins live in that area. I didn't have engulf time to see them though.

EL Paso

I went to El Paso I would say it is about quite a while from here.


I read somewhere it was discovered in 1550. But I think I'm wrong. They have plenty of historical things like they actually fought Mexico.


There culture is actually a lot like Alpine's. But also lots of Mexican culture too. Like they have stachues there that they probably would have in Mexico.