The Passage

by Justin Cronin


Cronin asked his daughter what to write about, and she replied,''girl who saves the world.'' So that's what he did. Cronin decided to use multiple genres like, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Cronin said that the places that take place in the novel are places that he lived, because he didn't just want the details of the place, he wanted to feel the place.


The story takes place in the future in a apocalyptic world that is overrun by vampire-like beings, who are infected by a contagious virus. The novel begins in 2014, as colonies of people try to survive in a world filled with zombie-like creatures who are continually on the hunt for fresh blood.


The passage is about a contagious virus that came from a bat that spreads all over america, killing off most of its population. people that got infected and didn't die turned in to these zombie and vampire like creatures trying to kill the rest of the healthy survivors. Amy Harper was abandon by her mother and then taken in by a nun, she was then kidnapped by the FBI for testing. Amy was given a different version of the virus, but she didn't turn into a zombie-like creature but powers that could save the world.


Faint and Hope- After the death-row inmates escaped from prison in Colorado, they overran america, killing anyone in their sight. Peter's father used to search for other survivors, which peter comes to understand as an act of hope. Peter's brother, theo, says that hope is a lot harder than courage(acting rather than dying).

Did I Enjoy It?

I thot the passage was an interesting novel. It could be difficult understanding what was happening at times. I thot it was a tough book to read but i got throw it. I would recommend this novel to people who what a good challenge.