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Ranger News week of August 5, 2019

Ranger Patrons,

1,200+ Ranger students in grades 5-8 have made it a great first week at Raymond Park Intermediate and Middle School. First week observations support that this year’s start time has made a noticeable improvement in student readiness to learn. In addition, students’ timeliness and observance of the CORE expectations of Civility, Order, Respect, and Excellence foreshadows what is sure to be a great school year.

It was good to meet so many families at the 5th and 6th grade Back-to-School Night last week. This Tuesday, 7th and 8th grade families will have an opportunity to meet teachers as well at the 7th and 8th Grade Back-to-School Night (BTSN), 6:00-7:00 PM. This will be an open house event where families can visit classrooms to learn class information and exchange contact information. Hard copies of student schedules will be sent home with students on

Tuesday afternoon so that parents can more easily navigate their student’s schedule when they attend BTSN Tuesday evening.

BTSN is not the only thing happening Tuesday evening, August 6th will be an eventful evening! The schedule:

5:30-6:00 PM - National Junior Honor Society Induction in LGI room - Invitations have been sent to eligible students

6:00-7:00 PM - 7th and 8th grade Back-to-School Night

7:00-7:15 PM - PTSA meeting

7:15-8:15 PM - Cyber Safety Presentation by Indiana State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Educator, Staphanie Nancarrow. This presentation will be geared for adults and previews the presentation that students will see on Wednesday and Thursday during the school day. The event is open to 5-8 parents. Students attending BTSN will be provided activities and supervision in the gymnasium so that parent/guardians may attend the cyber safety presentation without children.

The PTSA fundraiser kicked off Friday, and fundraiser packets were sent home with students at the end of the day. All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit RP, and students have an impressive array of reward possibilities for their participation. Thank you, parents and guardians, for supporting your child’s participation!

I would also like to say thank you to parents for their patience with transportation changes and inform them that there may be continued routing updates throughout the next few weeks as we welcome new enrollments. In order to better serve our parents, I ask that you call 317.532.8902 with questions or concerns about transportation during the times that students are scheduled to be transported. RP office staff will gladly inform you if buses are late or assist you in discovering if your child stayed for an extracurricular event.

John Kleine, Ed.D.

RPIMS Principal

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Don't forget to join our Parent Teacher Student Association and support all of the wonderful student activities and events throughout the school year! Your $7 membership earns you a weekly PTSA electronic newsletter and membership incentives. Our PTSA sponsors Back To School Night treats, the quarterly CORE Celebrations, teacher reimbursement for school supplies, end of year celebration treat for all students, 8th grade celebration gift, and staff appreciation days. Our PTSA coordinates the school-PTSA joint fall fundraiser, various 8th Grade Washington DC fundraisers, weekly slushy sales, RP-AMC monthly family movie events, Box Top collection contests, quarterly roller skating parties at the Roller Cave and Sonny Day Community Center volunteering nights.

Please contact our PTSA for more information: rpmsptsa@gmail.com


The occasion may arise when the school district wants to recognize your child or your child's school. This may include your child's photo, your child's name or your child's work in district publications, newsletters, on school district websites, and in electronic/ social media or in staff training videos. We may also want to tell the media (including newspapers, television, and radio) about your child's achievements. We never knowingly release information about a student to anyone who wants to use it for commercial/ political purposes. However, we will honor your request to not include your child in these types of recognitions if you notify your child's school office in writing that you do not want this type of information released.

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21st Century Scholars: Scholarship program for Students

To apply you must be in the 7th or 8th grade. Contact Katie Piatt RPMS Educational Counselor for application kpiatt@warren.k12.in.us or 317-532-8900 X8910.