Hydroelectric energy

By: Gracy White , Reese Villarreal

Hydroelectric power

How is it formed?

It is formed by water pressure turning turbines and producing energy to power houses cars and anything else.

How is it used?

Its used when you need to power your house it doesn't pollute and it's not as expensive as other powers of energys.



Hydroelectric power has many advantages. This energy can be cheaper than other types of energy. Another one is that it is renewable so that it never runs out unlike other types of energys.


It might cause pollution if plastic or other trash gets into the water system. It might be expensive if that country or place that uses hydroelectric power is in or happenes to be in a drought. The turbine could break, which means hydroelectric power would not be able to be produced.

Where is it abundantly found?

This energy is mostly found in areas with lots of water, and water power. Usually these places are in places where their are big body's of water and water needs to be produced into energy so the extra water the place has will be conserved into easy reliable energy.

Are there any harmful effects to the Earth that are creating or using this resource ?

No, this resource is completely clear for all of the bad things happening to the Earth.

So this resource causes NO harm.

Is this resource renewable or non-renewable?

This resource is renewable and it can only run out if every drop of water on the earth goes away otherwise it can NEVER run out.