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May our bowl of happiness continue to be filled.

I have the bowl out again on top of the iPad cart. Please fill out a card with a sentence or two about something that happened to you today that made you smile.

Please support our 4th graders: Houston Rockets Read Nation

Fourth grade will be participating in Houston Rockets Read Nation. They must keep track of their reading minutes from Feb. 1-29. There will be participation prizes.

Please encourage our 4th graders to record those minutes and to read, read, read!

Book Fair is Coming!!!!!

Feb 29-March 3, we will watch some book trailer previews for the fair during library time.

We will have book fair March 7-11. It will close at noon on the 11th.

Evening sales will be during library night March. 9th.

This will be a good chance for students to get some new books for Spring Break.

Library Book Swap. Before school on Fridays and other days after one pm as needed.

Remind your students about Book Swap. If they bring books from home that are in good condition, they can "swap" them for books from the book swap cart. Yes, these are for keeps! They can get new ones each week if they want to.
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Please don't forget about using the resources below. Play around with them to discover all they can do to help you.