The Scoop

Mrs. Waterstredt's weekly newsletter

Week of January 26, 2015


Math- Today we will be analyzing numerical patterns, and continuing patterns by writing the next terms. We will review Unit 4 material early in the week and students will be taking the Unit 4 test on Friday. Next up: Unit 5 - Measurement.

Social Studies - Social Studies will resume upon the completion of our Ecosystems science unit.

Reading - This week we will work on recognizing chronological, comparison, cause and effect, and problem/solution structures in non-fiction. This will help students organize their thinking and improve comprehension of non-fiction texts.

Writing - This week we will work on creating text features to show chronology and comparison in our non-fiction writing. This ties in well with our reading unit!

Science - Last week we set up our terrariums and aquariums. Right now we have snails and mosquito fish living in our aquariums, along with duckweed, elodea, and algae. Our terrariums have mustard seeds, grass seeds, and alfalfa seeds in them, and they are beginning to germinate. (We will add crickets and isopods to the terrariums once our plants start growing.) This week we will learn more about the living organisms in the aquariums, and make and record observations in our science lab book.

Teacher Notes

Our class is one of several in the building that will be piloting a new computer-based assessment program. The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) measures each students current academic progress in math, reading, and writing by adapting to each student as they take the test. Our class will be taking the NWEA in the computer lab on three occasions this week. Please feel free to ask you child about it! Our district will be making a decision on whether to keep using our current program (AIMS WEB) or switch to the web-based NWEA in the near future. Stay tuned!

Thank you for sending in your soda bottles! The students are very excited about their terrariums and aquariums!