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How do I become an Anesthesiologist

because an anesthesiologist is a medical doctor you must complete all the required education & training

  • undergraduate degree- about 4 years of college
  • medical degree- about 4 years of graduate school
  • residency training- 4 postgraduate
  • pass the USMLE
  • obtain a state medical license in the state where you wish to practice
  • obtain board certification in anesthesiology (required by most employers)
  • maintain an clean record. any criminal record, substance abuse, or egregious malpractice claims can end your career as a physician, or severely hinder it.
Salary Range

anesthesiologist who specifies in pain management, the average income is $529,347

Certification or Testing Requirements

  • residency in anesthesiology
  • all states require licensing of anesthesiologist
my career is available in the field of anesthesiology