Family Time

Brandon and Faith - June 2014

June has been an awesome month with a lot of firsts!

Brandon is really starting to be a great big brother! He loves his sister and enjoys being around her! He is getting taller, gaining appropriate weight, and trying a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. He has also started using a spoon on his own and is beginning to vocalize his wants and needs. Brandon loves playing in the pool and also enjoys bath time! Brandon really enjoys gymnastics and excelled in his first tumble tots class.

The kids loved visiting the aquarium and seeing the wide variety of different animals.

There have been visits from a lot of friends and family that now love the kids as much as we do!
Faith is growing so much! She continues to gain weight appropriately and is developmentally on target. She loves to smile, coo and laugh and has great head control. She loves tummy time and is now sitting with assistance. Her room is finally done and she loves it!

We can't wait to see what the future holds!