Logic Plan Design

By: Shruti B, Ellie M, Natalie H, Aadhunik S.

Our Plan

Our plan is to buy light dimmer switches that dim the lights of the room so you don't have to turn them on. We plan to put the light dimmer in the auditorium, the cafeteria, and custodian rooms. Each light dimmer switch has a 1 year warranty and 600 volts. Here is a picture of the light dimmer switch.

Cost and Funds

For each light dimmer switch it costs $21.97. We plan to put two in the cafeteria, 1 in two custodian rooms, and 3 in the auditorium. That is seven switches which will cost $153.79. Our way to fund it is by having a garage sale where you sell old things you don't need.

We can have a sales or money to be paid back to school in general.

How does the switch save energy?

When the light is off, no energy is being used. The longer the triac is off, the lower the light output, and the greater the energy savings.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros of Dimmer Switches : Saves Money, (You) have ultimate control over the lighting which affects the mood and the environment, (You) can also install it with a remote control, Lengthen the lifespan of the bulb, and can be installed in every room.

  • Cons of Dimmer Switches : They are not compatible with every type of light, It costs quite a bit of money to install them

Why should our school use this?

This should be implemented in our school not only because it saves money, it cuts down the amount of electricity we use, it makes bulbs last longer, and you have control over the environment and mood of the area based on the light.


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