Fast Food

gaspar gonzalez

Fast Food

Fast Food and the relationship between public schools is a big argument going on in america. Fast Food near schools is a big problem between in today's society. Fast Food is causing health problems to children who attend schools near Fast food dinners.

Fast Food near schools

A hungry horde of teens was streaming out the doors of the school and looking for a place to eat. A quick glance about the area revealed their limited options: a McDonald's across the street or a Taco Bell a block further away. If those two options didn't appeal, there was always the local convenience store with frozen microwavable options. I wondered about the long-term consequences of allowing a fast food “restaurant” to open within walking distance of a school. Now, thanks to the work of economists at the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University, we have scientific evidence that fast food near schools results in student obesity. Could these findings be the beginning of a movement to ban fast food near our children's schools?

Fast Food near schools cause nothing but child obesity and health problems to the children. Fast Food should be a very far distance from public schools.