Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins are pretty much an Amazing Bird (that doesn't fly). They survive the cold and can breed in the worst weather conditions on earth.

They have white tummies, black backs and orange around their beaks. Surprisingly Emperor Penguins actually have knee's wow who would have thought that! Emperor Chicks have grey fur with light grey wings and the front of there heads are white and the back is black. There also a bit chubby to keep them warm.

Emperor Penguins mainly eat fish,but they also eat krill and squid. To catch their food they can dive to up to 1700 feet in the water without a breath, amazing right. They will also skim the ice searching for any fish under it.

Emperor Penguins breed in areas of thick snow and ice. After a while the egg will be given from the mother to the father and the mother would have a break. If the enguins aren't careful the egg might roll away and be 'given to the ice' where it will go white and icy and the penguin in side it would die.