Track and Field

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Track & Field

No sport has a longer, more illustrious history than track and field.This sport includes a wide range of activities.Each event offers a unique challenge and unique training methods.

Sprinting Events

The 100m is an event where an all-out sprint from the gun to the finish line.The 200m is similar to the 100m but this is an short sprinting event.The 400m is a long sprint the event require a combination of speed, strength, and tolerant.The 800m is a ''tweener'' event there are specialist that can run the 800m or 400m but any good sprinter can run them.

More Sprinting Event

Runing the 300m is one of the intersting events in track hurdles and other courses are in the 300m.
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Jesse Owens

American track and field athlete Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic games for his long jump world record stood for 25 years.

Joanna Hayes

American athlete Joanna Hayes won the gold medal in 100-meater hurdles at the 2004 Olympics becoming only second American in history to win the title.

Jessica Ennis

British track star Jessica Ennis won a gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
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