by: Briana Carver, Patrick Wilborn


  1. We have the largest slave population who work on plantations.
  2. The plantations are massive and consisted of the main house.
  3. We trade items for shoes, lace, farm tools, dishes

Types Of Jobs

Culture / Religon

The southern colonies ate corn,rice,halibut,salmon,herring,sea bass

The Maryland women entertain themselves by dancing, going to gatherings, and going to church,the Maryland men went fishing.


Lord Baltimore of England founded the colony of Maryland. He was Catholic and drew up a charter allowing the establishment of churches of all religions

Geography / Climate

  • In Maryland the weather is very warm so we have good land to grow crops
  • Unlike Virginia they have people dying in the summer time because it is way to hot and bugs.


  • Coastal pains, Peidmont plateau, the Blue ridge separated by the Chesapeake bay
  • Maryland is about 250 miles long and 90 miles wide, and 9,837 square miles of area


The royal King Charles II was a person granted governmental powers over Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Proprietary Colonies were run under a colonial charter agreement, which was reviewed by the ruling Monarch.


In 1633 Lord Baltimore was the founder of Maryland.

The original name of the our colony was the Province of Maryland.