Longhorn Stampede

(For 4/20-4/24) Learn. Empower. Accept. Develop.

Lunchtime Check In / Facebook Live for April 20-24

We can't wait to see you at 11:30!

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Monday - Volcano Tribe

Tuesday - River Tribe

Wednesday - Tree Tribe

Thursday - C.A.M.P. Team

Friday - 3rd Grade Teachers

Habits at Home: Habit 6 - Barriers to Synergy

Many obstacles can get in the way of synergizing with your family and friends. Write the words Inclusive and exclusive at the top of a t-chart and discuss as a family what an event in your everyday lives would look or sound like as part of an inclusive or exclusive relationship. Compare the two, how different are the words and feelings you wrote on each side? How does the outcome make you and others feel?

“Synergy is the summum bonum – the supreme or highest fruit – of all the habits. It’s the magic that happens when one plus one equals three – or more. And it happens because the relationship between the parts is a part itself. It has such a catalytic, dynamic power that it affects how the parts interact with one another. It comes out of the spirit of mutual respect (win-win) and mutual understanding in producing something new – not in compromising or meeting halfway.”

- Stephen Covey

Nurse's Notes

Dear Lone Star Families,

Five weeks now we have been staying safe at home. Trying our best to take care of ourselves and our families. Doing our best to keep a routine, keeping the kids on track with remote learning. Checking in with our medically fragile family and friends. Most days eating healthy, exercising, sleeping okay, and trying to laugh.

But what happens when a there are more than a few days in a row of unscheduled remote apathy, heavy burden of fragile family and we find ourselves buried in a bag of chocolate chips, 500 steps/day on the fit bit, either unable to sleep or unable to wake up and not remembering the last time we laughed? What if the harder we try to get out of it, the worse it gets, like tires spinning in the mud?

Then it's time to call for help. We can call someone we know personally like a trusted friend, counselor or pastor. There are also many other resources available like :

Statewide COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day- 833-986-1919

Crisis Hotline

: 832.416.1177

Focus on the Family's counseling service by phone, call 1-855-771-HELP 7am-7pm

KSBJ Prayer & Care Line. 281-652-5555, 24 hours a day,

It is OK if our lives at each moment does not look like Facebook posts. Sometimes mud gets splattered on us like when I helped my son get his Ford F150 out of a soggy rut in our front yard after a few days of hard rain about 2 weeks ago. We all need a little help sometimes.

Please check out my webpage- LSE staff-Curriculum/Support for latest CDC info/resources

I am available by email for individual questions or concerns.

Monica Lemke, R.N.

LSE School Nurse


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Curbside Meal Update


Beginning April 20th, MISD will be serving curbside meals every Monday and Wednesday from 8:30am-11:30am.

On Mondays, participants will receive breakfast and lunch for Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, participants will receive breakfast and lunch for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Lone Star Elementary Library and Technology Resources Names and Passwords

Please email any questions to tracie.sample@misd.org

Office 365 - This allows students to access Microsoft accounts such Outlook Email, Word, PowerPoint, Sway, One Drive and other Microsoft 365 applications. This resource can be accessed on the MISD webpage under Student Resources or Click Here.

Username: slunch#@student.misd.org

Password: lunch#grade

Example for 3rd grade student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456@student.misd.org

Password: 1234563

The following resources can be accessed through the Resource tab on Mrs. Sample’s Library Webpage or Click Here.

Ebsco eBooks -

Username: misdlibrary

Password: learn19!

TexQuest - This includes Britannica School, Kids Infobits, National Geographic Kids, ProQuest SIRS Discover, Britannica Fundamentals, and Learn 360.

Username: j170903

Password: learn

PebbleGo – Database that covers a variety of research topics for PreK – 3rd grades. The main topics are animals, science, biographies, social studies, and dinosaurs. Games, videos and activities are included along with a listen option.

Username: montgom

Password: read

Benchmark Universe - ELA Textbook K-5

Username: slunch#

Password: mymisd

Example for a student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456

Password: mymisd