About the Artist

Alejandro Koenig

His Favorites

Full Name- Alejandro William Koenig

Favorite Colors- Black, Green, Blue, and Pink.

Favorite things to do- Sports, Family, Free Draw,School, Friends, and Games.

Favorite things to draw- Crosses, cars, and Fantasy Animals.

About Him

Alejandro William Koenig is 14 years old and loves to be active. He loves to hangout with friends and family almost all the time. He likes art, because of all the new and creative things he can make. With his current project the called "The Cross" he tried to copy one of his drawings from another art project. He has always liked art, because he always liked to draw random things. He claims that he likes art so much that he is going to continue art into high school. He also claims that he is going to miss middle school art when he gets in high school.