My BIG Idea, Just For The World

Jacob Ray, Senior in High School

The Presidential Physical Fitness Award

My big idea just for the world is based off of the Presidential Physical Fitness Awards. These are awards given for a young students physical aptitude. This consists of five tests which I will explain. These tests help reward students for being active and maintaining good health as a young person which in turn, can carry over to good healthy habits as an adult.

The first test is curl-ups. An individual lays on his or her back, with her knees bent about twelve inches away from the buttocks. A second person is required to hold the feet and the individuals arms should be crossed across the chest holding the opposite shoulder. The student is to see how many curl-up or sit ups they can do. Partial curl-ups count. Effort is the most important thing. It should take around three or four seconds for a student to do one curl-up and the individual should be in motion the entire time.

The next test is the shuttle run. There should be a straight line measures to be thirty feet long. There are two blocks at the end of the line. The student shall run down, grab one block and run back and place it past the end of the line in which the student started running from. Then without stopping the student shall run back down and grab the other block and return it behind the start line. The student shall not run to far of the line and this event will be timed.

The next test is the endurance run\walk. This is to be as simple as possible, a timed mile. The test must be administered of a safe paved way and should take no more than eight laps for the student to complete the mile. A walk can be integrated with the run but the mile should be completed as fast as possible. (6-7 year olds shall run a forth of a mile, and 8-9 year olds shall run one half of a mile)

The next test is pull-ups. Just see how many pull-ups a student can do. Bending and flexing of the legs is not permitted as the pull-up should be a fluid motion and not a jerky motion.

The last test is based on flexibility. A student sit on the floor legs erect and flat on the floor. A measuring line is laid out in front of the student. As another person makes sure the students legs remain flat, the students tries to reach out as far as they can. They get three practice tries before having to take their honest attempt. Results of the forth attempt conclude the test.

I could go around elementary to elementary and have a fun day with students performing this test. This is good for competitivness in students and to help students be active and have fun while they're doing it.