How HVAC Systems Save Money

How HVAC Systems Save Money

Despite cooling or heating the entire house, HVAC systems are very efficient in terms of energy use, which helps lower monthly electric bills.

Whether you are trying to cool down your house in the summer, or heat it up during a particularly cold spell, HVAC systems are the best way to manage this without breaking the bank. While these systems may seem complex in their nature, they are incredibly efficient and a lot more manageable than installing multiple ACs or heaters throughout your home.

Thanks to a reputable Northshore HVAC Contractor, you can get yourself the HVAC system that best suits your needs. Here is a look at some tips to help those who want a new system, or need assistance with saving money on their current setup :

1. Buy a more efficient model for your home. If you are still using the same HVAC system from five or six years ago, it is hard to get much in the way of energy savings. However, newer systems are a lot more advanced and efficient, which means an immediate reduction on your bills during months of high heat or extreme cold. Make sure you get a product that is certified by Energy Star, because those are usually 50 percent more efficient than comparable models.

2. It is imperative that you use a programmable thermostat with your HVAC system. Even the most efficient system will waste energy if you are manually shutting it on and off. With a thermostat, you can discover your ideal temperature for different months and leave it alone. Heating and cooling systems use most of the energy going from one extreme temperature to another. Incremental shifts are less energy consuming.

3. Change your filters at least once a month, with every two weeks a better option. New filters do not cost very much money, but they make a huge difference to any HVAC system. They produce better air through the ducts and they make sure the system is running near 100 percent of its efficiency.

4. When you install part of the HVAC system outside, make sure it is an area that has plenty of shade during the day. This is especially important in the summer, because you do not want the sun heating up your system or damaging any of its parts. Similarly, pick a spot where flying debris will not become an issue.

5. Regularly clean your vents, because these can get clogged up fairly quickly. Sometimes we forget about these spaces, because they are either up high or tucked away behind furniture. If you have not checked you vents for six months, you will see a ton of hair, dust and other particles collected over time.

6. Do not leave a vent closed accidentally, especially in the winter. Not only does this produce inefficiency by itself, but you might forget that you ever shut the vent and keep wondering why your room is not heating or cooling properly.

With all of these steps, along with assistance from a Northshore HVAC Contractor, you can make sure that your next HVAC system runs at its optimal performance for many years.

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