Ecosystem Comparison

Factors about the ecosytem

Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Abiotic Factors - Tundra

  • Strong Winds

  • little precipitaion

  • short summer days

  • very long and cold winters

  • poor soil

  • permafrost-a layer of permanently frozen subsoil

Biotic Factors - Tundra

  • Plants like Heaths and mosses have to adapt to the very long and cold winters because the sun does not come up in the winter

  • Wildlife like arctic tundra animals include snowy owls, reindeer, polar bears, white foxes, lemmings, arctic hares, wolverines, caribou, migrating birds, mosquitoes, and black flies.

Abiotic Factors - Lake/Pond

  • Light
  • Nutrients
  • Oxygen
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Turbulence
Biotic Factors - Lake/Pond
  • Plants like algae, bladderwort, bushy pondweed, chara, and coontail.
  • Wildlife like mosquito, pond snail, tadpoles, turtle, leech, duck, drangonfly, and catfish.

Limiting Factors and variations, tolerances, and adaptations of three oranisms

Limiting Factors - Tundra

Very few species of animals live there so it is very fragile.

Very cold, windy and dry ecosystem

25 cm of precipitation each year

Limiting Factors - Lake/Pond



Water pressure increasing in depth

Adaptations - Tundra

Artic Fox - has furry soles, short ears, and short muzzle

Polar Bear - white coat, coat absorbs sunlight and traps in heat, and short ears

Snowy Owls - are white, can move there heads 270 degrees in both directions, thick layer of feathers on there feet and body

Adaptations - Lake/Pond

Crayfish - can tolerate low oxygen conditions and exposure to the air, live for extended periods in burrow systems under mud in case there is an absence of surface water

Willow trees - have long, narrow leaves with tapered tips, grow above water but drape down so that tips are sometimes submerged, have a shape that allows them to move freely by running water, but also keeps them from tearing during continuous action

Trout - Have eight fins, spots and parr marks to help camouflage them, eyes specialize in looking up and out