OCTOBER 17th-21st



We put together another great Minnieville Awards Ceremony! It was great recognizing our students' and teachers' great work!

Title I Math and 3rd Grade

I also want to thank the 3rd grade team and Mrs. Wheeler for their extraordinary efforts with conducting their 3rd grade Math Parent Strategy night. Over 30 Families showed up to learn Place Value strategies with their student to assist with learning! Well Done!

Minnieville Wins Again!

Thanks to the great work of Mr. Anderson and Mr. Turnquist, Minnieville has won the

16-17 School Nutrition Awareness Contest! Minnieville will receive a $500 prize for our 5th grade students' song "FRUITS AND VEGETABLES" rap! Will done Yo!

Cleanliness is Next to Happiness!

Our custodians continue to do an exemplary job in keeping our school and grounds clean and safe for instruction. They still however need your help! Spending additional time in specific classrooms take away from their schedule and overall maintenance of the school. This is why we have charged our Custodial Team with rewarding classrooms with a 3 for exemplary maintenance by the students. Classrooms that have visible paper, pencils and trash on the floor as well as unkempt desks will receive a 1. LET YOUR ROOM SPEAK FOR ITSELF! Empower students to take ownership and responsibility for their learning environment! What score would you give the classroom below?

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4th Grade Wins Team of the Week!

Big Props to our 4th Grade team for winning the Team of the Week! Last week they put together a stellar fund raising event at Ci Ci's earning their team $300! The 4th grade continues to strategically plan for excellent instruction, provide remediation to students of concern and have been working to extend many of the objectives! As a PLC team, 4th grade demonstrates consistency with their strategies and activities resulting in high levels of student performance! In addition, the 4th grade has done an excellent job conducting their Farm Field Day Field Trip as well!

You guys always put your best foot forward!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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Mrs. Ellis will be conducting the Faculty Meeting this Thursday at 8:00!

8:00-8:20-Writing Prompt Discussion and Sample Scoring

-Each table will score 1 sample writing to determine consistency of Rubric understanding

8:20-830-Admin and Calendar Updates,


17 - Day 4, Advisory Council 6:00 pm, Mr. Erickson visit 11:00,

18 - Day 5, Differentiation Book Study Mtg 8 am (204), Run Club (Girls), Martial Arts

19 - Day 6, PLC, Multicultural Artic Mtg, Martial Arts, Run Club (Boys)

20 - Day 1, Faculty Mtg, Earthquake Drill, Chess Club 3:45 - 4:30

21 - Day 2, PBIS Meeting- Hurtado's Room, Reading Recover KLC Rm 1101, Math 24 (5th), Martial Arts, Monster Mash 6-8


Continue to place your stars on the SOAR at School chart and turn in your SOAR at home sheets to the office.

A PBIS meeting will be held on Friday Oct. 21 at 8:00 am in Ms. Hurtado room. We will discuss Chapter 1 of Better Than Carrots or Sticks and the article Building Relationships Students with ADHD.

Discipline Referral Data