Ryan MS Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Traffic Pattern

Ryan Middle School

Morning Drop-off

Please pull up next to the curb so that your student does not need to cross between cars. Use the inside lane next to the curb for drop off and the outside lane for drive through. Students and adults should cross at the cross walk where there is a crossing guard.

Afternoon Pick-up

Please use the right lane while waiting for school to be dismissed and bumper up close to the car in front of you. When the car in front of you pulls out into the drive through lane, please move up and take their spot. Once your student is in your car, put your signal on and the person at the crossing will wave you into the drive through lane. It is important for your child's safety that you not stop in the drive through lane making your child cross between cars. If everyone uses the right lane and moves up when the car in front moves out, student loading will go quickly and safely.

Visitor Parking

Please do not pull through the visitor parking to pick-up your student. This slows down the traffic flow and often double parks visitors that are trying to leave. This creates a safety concern for students. The visitor parking is designed for guest presenters or families that need to come into the building.

I appreciate your help in keeping our kids safe.

Thank you for all you do for Ryan students.