From Cows to Ice Cream

By: Kiera Lacey

How did that Ice Cream get to my table

It is a hot day and you are hungry. Go to the freezer and see what is in store. You spot some ICE CREAM! Lets eat but have you ever wondered were it comes from?

From Cows to Factory

Cows are raised on a farm. Farmers milk the cows with a special machine. Tanker trucks bring the milk to the factory.

At the Ice Cream Factory

Pipes carry the milk to be blended. Sugar, eggs and other ingredients are added to be blended. Then all of the ingredients are blended. Next, the heated Ice Cream mixture is pumped through small holes or a screen. This homogenizes the Ice Cream mix. Homogenizing helps the ingredients stay mixed together. Then the Ice Cream mixture is cooled. It gets pumped into a big tank. Then it stays in the tank for a hour or two. This gives the ingredients more time to blend. Then you get to add your flavor. You poor the flavoring in the mix.

Ice Cream History

How did ice cream start? More than 700 years ago Marco Polo brought the recipe back from China to Italy. People started making ice cream in 1892.

Time to Eat!

What is your favorite type of ice cream? You can get sweet or sour, fruity or nutty, topping no toppings. We all love different things.
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